I love how fresh Rhapsody’s ingredients are compared to most other imitation products on shelves or in delivery today. I can see how much effort was put into selecting and preparing the fruits and other fresh toppings to create the right texture and bite size. I literally will walk extra blocks and out of my way to pick up these cups and bowls from the cafes that have them. It’s perfect for my healthy eating lifestyle: to consciously choose products that my body can process without excess sugars, preservatives and chemicals. And it’s much easier than preparing it myself!

Health Enovation CEO

Chia puddings are amazing. I’m someone who is taking care of my health and look. But health is always first. This (cups) are very healthy and delicious. It is highly recommended!


I love the flavor, texture and sweetness of all the chia cups (Pink Pitaya, tropical chia with granola, peanut butter and chocolate) from Rhapsody because their taste and its health and nutrition value. People who do not want to eat heavy meals at work, this is an excellent nutritive option. Also, before I do play tennis having one before it give me the fuel to start and when I finish also help to recover my energy. Anybody regardless of her or his eating lifestyle should include these on their daily meals for a long healthy life. Thanks Rhapsody for bringing us such as this delicious healthy options with high quality and fresh organic ingredients.


I absolutely love everything that Rhapsody stands for. I’ve been in so many situations where there are no healthy options available, and so did Ines, and that’s a big part of why she started her company. We deserve to have healthy and delicious food, and with all of her options, Rhapsody is definitely the way to go!

It’s very hard to get away from my desk on most days and quick options for healthy food are difficult to find. I’ll take one of the salads or Chia Cups with me to work each day, it helps with keeping my energy up and it’s an easy & healthy option for days on the go.